Rottne Industri enters the South American market | 22 Nov 2017

Rottne Industri AB has recently signed a retailer agreement with the Argentine company Inderfor. The agreement means that, for the first time, Rottne Industri enters the South American continent.

“We think Argentina provides an excellent good gateway to the South American market. Inderfor is a company with both great commitment and extensive industrial experience – the fact is that the first machine has already been contracted”, says Tobias Johansson, CEO of Rottne Industri AB.

Inderfor has been active in Argentina for over 20 years, and works in the forestry industry with different brands and products, some of which come from Scandinavia. With Rottne’s range of equipment and machinery, the offer increases significantly, even though the company will start with a limited range of forwarders. Inderfor has a large customer base in Northeast Argentina, and also in southern Brazil as well as in northern Uruguay.

“We are both happy and proud to be Rottne’s first dealer in South America. Our companies share the same values in which we both want to deliver reliable machines and offer knowledgeable and accessible service,” says Darío Rodríguez, CEO and owner of Inderfor.

The first forestry machine that Rottne will deliver to Inderfor is the Rottne F15D forwarder. The Rottne F15D is well adapted to conditions in Argentina, when a lot of doubled-up shorter-length timber is processed, in combination with the Rottne F15D being a well-proven machine in this field.

“The agreement with Inderfor comes as at extremely timely juncture, as Argentina recently introduced new customs rules for forwarders. Customs duty has recently been reduced from 35 per cent to two per cent, which we believe will provide the launch market with good potential”, concludes Tobias Johansson.