China: Log imports through Xiamen Port up 11% in 2017 | 24 Jan 2018

Log imports through Xiamen Port, China, totalled 1.905 million cubic metres valued at $46 million in 2017, up 10% in volume and 11% in value compared to 2016, as ITTO reported.

The imported logs were from 37 countries with New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Estonia topping the list in terms of volumes. Imports from New Zealand totaled 962,000 cubic metres valued at $130 million and accounted for over 50% of the total volume and total value of imports through Xiamen Port.

The volume and value of imported logs from Estonia rose 103% and 138% respectively in 2017. According to the statistics, imported goods from Estonia through Xiamen port were valued at $9.42 million of which 98% were logs.

The species of imported logs through Xiamen port are radiata pine, spruce, scots pine, ponderosa pine and loblolly pine but over 70% of the logs imported were radiata pine.