Komatsu Forest invests heavily in 2008

This year is an important one for Komatsu Forest. “Having spent time mustering our strength, we’re now ready to launch our new harvesters, forwarders, control systems, harvesting heads, and fellers on a broad front,” the company reports. “This is actually the most extensive update to our product range for very many years. I’m very proud that we’re able to present so many new products and improvements this year,” says Toshio Miyake, CEO of Komatsu Forest.

This year’s product launches, which will be reported in detail in International Forest Industries, are the result of intensive efforts for continual improvement focused on customer benefits. Komatsu Forest works with Japanese quality assurance methods, which entail the factory, dealers, and customers co-operating to ensure that Valmet products are continually refined and improved. This year Komatsu Forest will have a higher public profile with more intensive marketing, as well as increased exposure and availability of its products to all customers. “In 2008, we’ll most probably reach out to more prospective customers than ever before,” says Roland Lundqvist, Chief Information Officer at Komatsu Forest. The upgraded machines will tour all the major forestry conventions throughout the world. Skogsnolia in Sweden, Metko in Finland, and KWF in Germany are a few of the events at which the new machines will be shown. Also under the Valmet Tour banne, Komatsu Forest will meet customers and prospective customers at a number of locations in Sweden, Finland, and Germany. This August and September, the Valmet Tour will give visitors the opportunity to take a closer look at the new Valmet machines.