15 Mar 2017 | Rorvik Timber to close its Boxholm and Myresjöfönster sawmills in Sweden

Rörvik Timber plans to shut its two sawmills at Boxholm and Myresjöfönster in Sweden. The company had tried unsuccessfully for a long time to find suitable owners for the two mills in south Sweden. It has started closure negotiations with the unions and expects the decision to take effect by the summer 2017, reports TTJ.


“For several years the sawmills have recorded heavy losses and the actions taken to improve profitability have not succeeded,” the Rörvik board said.


The closure affects about 37 people in Boxholm and about 56 people in Myresjö. The board said the proliferation of sawmills in southern Sweden was clearly a problem during its process of trying to recruit new owners for the mills


Rörvik Timber used to have multiple sawmills across Sweden but has been on a divestment trail, with only the Linghem sawmill left. The mill is having a new saw line installed. Rörvik Swedfore, which produces shavings bales, is also unaffected by the changes.


Last year ATA Timber acquired two Rörvik Timber sawmills at Sandsjöfors and Tvärskog, while VIDA Group acquired Rörvik’s mill and treatment plant in Tranemo.


Rörvik Timber is engaged in the processing of wood at nine production units in southern Sweden. Its business activities are carried out in two business segments, BusSeg Timber and BusSeg Råvara (BusSeg Raw Materials).