9 June 2017 | ROV is the new ATV?

When the ATV or quad bike made its big debut at trade fairs about 10 years ago, many people sniffed and called it a toy. Today it is a self-evident work tool on a forest property. With experience from Europe and North America, Yamaha Sweden believes the next work tool is now making its entrance – the ROV or Recreational Off-road Vehicle.

With three seats, a sturdy cargo bed with a capacity of 272 kg, a roof and a 36-litre fuel tank enabling a good range, the Yamaha Viking is contributing to this expansion of forest owners’ machine fleets.

“It’s also classed as a tractor so it’s fine to drive it on road,” says Thomas Lindh, department manager, Yamaha Motor Sweden.

In Sweden demand is just getting underway.

“We’re seeing larger places, including up in the northern mountains, investing in ROVs. But we also believe that the owners of large forest properties will be among the buyers. Just as with the ATV, accessories like forest trailers and snow blades will be important. The ROV should be a tool with many applications.”


Forest trailers a big seller

Lindh is also seeing that the accessories to Yamaha’s ATV range are what is drawing the attention of visitors to the company’s stand at Elmia Wood.

“Today’s ATV buyers are very knowledgeable and have many of their own ideas, which we try to follow up on. The accessories we develop are made in Sweden by Leja and are totally adapted to the requirements we have here. Elmia Wood is by far our most important meeting place with our customers. Here we get suggestions and ideas for future products.”

The company’s biggest seller is the forest trailer, which is attached to the ATV to create a simple and nimble driving unit.

“Perfect for picking up windthrow or bringing in firewood.”

What are the biggest differences if someone were to upgrade to a new ATV today compared with the one they bought ten years ago?

“Comfort, the engine development with more power and less fuel consumption, and the fact that today power steering is basically a standard feature,” Lindh replies.

Photo: Thomas Lindh believes the Yamaha Viking ROV will soon be a common sight on forest properties.