Sweden’s stock volumes of coniferous sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips decreased by 18% | 1 Dec 2017

In the autumn, Sweden’s stock volumes are lower and this year they have been especially small. The total stocks of coniferous saw logs, pulpwood and wood chips were estimated to 6.3 million cubic meters of September 30, 2017. This is a decrease by 18% compared with the same time last year, as Swedish Forest Agency reports.

The stock of coniferous saw logs is estimated to 2.2 million cubic metres. Compared with the same period last year this is a decline by 21%.

The total stocks of pulpwood amounted to 3.4 million cubic metres, a decline by 18% compared to the 3Q 2016. The reduced stock volume of pulpwood was both on Scots pine/mixed coniferous pulpwood as well as Norway spruce- and broad-leaved pulpwood. The stock volumes decreased in all wood balance regions and in all type of storage locations.

The stock volumes of wood chips were estimated to 0.7 million cubic metres. This is a decline by 15%, compared to last year 2016.