Steico Group to double LVL production at its Czarna Woda mill in Poland | 7 Dec 2017

The Steico Group takes second production line for laminated veneer lumber at its plant in Czarna Woda in Poland. Installing the second production line has doubled LVL production capacity to around 160,000 cbm/a.

The new LVL2 line will be run 24/7 using four shifts and will mostly be used to produce flange material for Steico’s Ijoists.

Last but not least, Steico expects that the use of bark and production residues to produce energy will allow the majority of production heat and steam to be produced in the two biomass power plants. In addition, Steico is exempt from Polish income tax until 2025 due to its use of a special economic zone in Czarna Woda.

Steico develops, produces and markets ecological construction products made of renewable raw materials. Steico is the European market leader for wood fiber insulation materials.