Microtec to supply CT Log system for Fiskarheden’s sawmill in Transtrand, Sweden | 24 Jan 2018

Fiskarheden decided to implement a comprehensive investment plan, starting with a Microtec CT Log system for their sawmill in Transtrand, Sweden. The company’s main goal is to increase the value of each log and to reduce waste. This will enable Fiskarheden to utilize the potential of the highly valuable raw material coming from well-managed forests in the most efficient way.

To get an overview of the entire sawmill, Fiskarheden will use Microtec’s scanning technology not only in the sawmill itself, but also in the green sorter and the dry sorting mill. A Goldeneye 900 board quality scanner will be implemented in the existing dry sorting mill.

“Using Microtec technology and especially the internal information of the logs will allow us to improve our partnership with the forest owners as well as creating the best possible products for our customers,” states Magnus Larsson, Vice-CEO of Fiskarheden.

The development plan for Fiskarheden sawmill foresees a scanner solution out of one hand, as well as a further investment and development in the sawmilling process.

The installation starts in July 2018. At the log yard, the CT Log will be installed and started up. At the same time, a new wane scanning system will be installed in the green sorter. In the second half of 2018, the newest version of the Goldeneye 900 board quality scanner will be implemented in the dry sorting mill.

Fiskarheden is one of the biggest sawmills in Sweden. It has saw capacity of 330,000m3 per annum.