Precision Husky H-3060 Horizontal Grinder

H-3060’s innovations start with the large diameter infeed roll that is sensitive enough to permit grass clippings, brush, limbs, pallets, slabs, logs and stumps to be fed at variable speeds for continuous rather than batch feeding.

The H-3060 Horizontal Grinder Includes:

  • Caterpillar C-15, 565 HP [373kw] Diesel Engine
  • 30″ Diameter “Double-Cut” Hammermill
  • 60″ Wide Variable Speed Steel Infeed Belt
  • Dual Shear Protection for the Hammermill
  • Remote Control
  • Magnetic Head Pulley for Metal Seperation
  • Fold Down Infeed Tailgate for Increased Bed Length and Closes for “Hopper” Style Feeding.
  • Enclosed Engine Cover with Dual Access Doors for Ease of Maintenance.

Double- Cut Hammermill

Engineered with several cutting surfaces at varying depths which virtually elimates the frequent jamming characteristic of more conventional type grinders. Rotating downward, the double cut hammermill momentarily wedges the incoming material securely between the cutting heads and the shredder feet, which limits the depth of cut preventing wide items from lodging between the screen and the hammermill, providing a more efficient cut with a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch. In contrast, shredders using an upward rotating hammermill are reported to be significantly less efficient.

Chairman & CEO
Bob Smith (205) 640-2111

Scott Smith (205) 640-2112

Vice President / Engineering
Billy Daniels (205) 640-2159