Green sorting line for Hedlunds Timber Furudal

Renholmen has received an order for new green sorting line equipment for Hedlunds Timber in Furudal.

The family-owned sawmill in northern Dalarna already owned a green sorting line from Renholmen, built in the late 1970s and now, after long and faithful service, to be replaced by a more modern successor.

The delivery, which is almost completely new between saw and sticker-stacker, includes a slightly simplified buffer, single feeder, trimmer for bevel optimisation, sink bin with SoftBin (a more careful bin emptying function) and new underlying conveyor. A new control system is to be provided for the facility for optimum flow.

Renholmen are pleased to be entrusted once again after 40 years with delivering equipment for green sorting in Furudal.

Renholmen AB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of lumber-handling equipment for sawmill and lumber-processing industry.