Heinola Sawmill Machinery to supply a new sawline to Stora Enso’s Veitsiluoto plant in Finland

Heinola Sawmill Machinery is to replace the secondary breakdown of Stora Enso Veitsiluoto Oy’s sawline with a new RG-406 rotary gang, including infeed and outfeed equipment. This forms part of ongoing purposeful sawline development work, involving replacing the old control-based saw with a modern, double-arbor version.

The sawline allows for active curve-sawing, an increase in sawing speeds, and improvement of the dimensional accuracy of pieces of sawn wood. The new rotary gang will utilise the HEINOLA Syncro Cutting System method, in which both sawing arbors are on the same line, and the blades are synchronised to cut simultaneously.

Engineering and manufacturing of the equipment is already under way. Deliveries, installation and commissioning will take place in Kemi next autumn.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is the only supplier in Finland concentrating on development of high-quality drying kiln technology.