Sodra sells Swedish operations in Kallinge and Umea to Sornsen Holzleisten

Södra is divesting Södra Wood Kallinge and Södra Wood Umeå to the German company Sörnsen Holzleisten. The divestment date is September 1, 2018. Trade union negotiations in regard to the divestments will commence immediately.

“Last year, Södra Wood Grimslöv, UAB SIWood and Södra Wood AS were sold to Sörnsen. The operations in Kallinge and Umeå are now being sold to the same buyer. The acquisition of Kallinge and Umeå increases Sörnsen’s market share, and with competitive production and our strong sales and distribution organisation, they will be able to move the interior business in a positive direction. The acquisition will make Sörnsen a stronger, more stable and more competitive company,” said Peter Karlsson, Head of the Interiör business segment.

During spring and summer, Södra will be co-locating the Ronneby and Kallinge units in Kallinge. The investment and co-location will be finalised in connection with the divestment.

Södra Wood Kallinge produces mouldings, panelling and solid wood flooring, and has about 80 employees. Södra Wood Umeå produces mouldings and panelling, and has about 20 employees.

The buyer, Sörnsen Holzleisten, is the largest supplier of mouldings in Europe. The company produces a wide range of mouldings, in a selection of woods, and sells them to countries all over the globe.