Vicksburg Forest Products opens lumber mill in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg Forest Products is opening a lumber mill in Vicksburg, Mississippi. After significant upgrades and modifications are complete, the multi-million dollar corporate investment will create 125 jobs, as the Mississippi Development Authority reports.

In March 2018, Anderson Tully Company announced the closure of its Vicksburg operations as of May 15th. Jackson-based Vicksburg Forest Products purchased the assets associated with Anderson Tully and is investing in significant plant upgrades. Once operational, Vicksburg Forest Products will manufacture Southern Yellow Pine lumber with a goal of producing up to 100-million board feet per shift. The company plans to purchase raw materials from a number of landowners in the surrounding area.

The company plans to begin operations in Vicksburg in late July and is currently accepting applications for employment.

Vicksburg Forest Products plans to manufacture Southern Yellow Pine lumber out of its Vicksburg manufacturing facility, with the goal of producing up to 100 million board feet on a single shift basis.