Mühlböck delivers three System 606 steam and drykilns to Hvalsoe Sawmill Denmark

Mühlböck Eberschwang commissioned three System 606 steam-and drykilns to Hvalsoe Sawmill Ltd. in Denmark.

In the system 606, no pre-heated air is lost to the outside, the total amount of airflow passes through the stacks of wood. There are no active exhaust fans, this can save up to 20% thermal energy and up to 15% electrical energy compared to conventional drykilns.

Due to the uniform fresh air supply, distributed over the entire length of the kiln, a consistently high quality and uniform colouring of the finished wood products is ensured.

With the installation of these three Mühlböck steam-and drykilns Hvalsoe Sawmill Ltd. is perfectly equipped to be completely state-of-the-art of the modern furniture industry and also to remain.

Hvalsoe Sawmill Ltd., Zealand, is one of the largest and most modern hardwood sawmill of Denmark. Hvalsoe Sawmill Ltd. cuts, dries and plans wood for export to the whole world since 1935. The raw material mainly beech, mostly comes from NZ forests