Arauco upgrades sawmill trimmer to USNR BioVision  

Aserraderos Arauco’s mill – Horcones I, is updating its sawmill trimmer system to add vision technology. The mill’s existing scanning frame was installed in 2011 with BioLuma 2900L laser profile sensors, and the new BioLuma 2900LVG vision sensors are a direct replacement.

The BioLuma 2900LVG sensors provide advanced sawmill grade scanning with integrated HD laser profile measurements, HD color resolution at 0.5mm, and integrated GrainMap™ grain gradient measurements for more comprehensive defect analysis. Using an enhanced Image Processing Application (IPA), this system delivers far more detail than any other scanning platform on the market.

USNR has over 20 vision scanning installations in sawmills processing Radiata Pine, and over 120 vision scanning installations world wide.