USNR Stick Lifters upgrade for your Stick-N-Stacker

USNR has designed a new all-electric Stick-N-Stacker (Lunden style) that boasts many advanced features. You can take advantage of the newer technology through upgrades to your existing stacker.

The new stick lifters are much more forgiving relative to both the lifting speed and positioning. The direct lifter design enables you to run at higher speeds without affecting lift position, and also prevents sticks from sliding and moving during the cycle.

  • Ensures proper loading and positioning of the sticks in the fork pans
  • Prevents sticks from moving during the cycle, no raked back sticks
  • Modifications to older stacker designs increases stick clearance, accommodates poor quality sticks
  • More uptime, fewer crashes
  • Light-weight, durable design
  • Highest speed stick lifter on the market

Click here to watch it in action.

USNR is continually making upgrades available for our existing systems as technology advances. For more upgrade options, click here.