BSW infrastructure agreement signed in Slovenia

The agreement between the Municipality of Braslovce, Slovenia, and Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia was signed. It lays foundations for the direct road connection to the BSW SI Gomilsko production facilities in the Municipality of Braslovce.

The agreement regarding the road connection was signed by Ms. Darja Kocbek, Director of the Directorate for the Land Transport (part of Ministry for Infrastructure), and Mr. Milan Šoštaric, Director of the Braslovce Municipality Office. The new third access road represents a strategic infrastructure investment for the Republic of Slovenia.

It will enable long term sustaninable transport, providing improved links for Slovenia with neighbourging countries, while being aligned with Braslovce local community development plans. The BSW SI Gomilsko facilties being developed are a signficant part of the future plans for the Braslovce Municipality.

Alex Brownlie, BSW Timber Commercial Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors in BSW SI, highlighted that BSW Timber investment plans in Slovenia have always included the requirement to purchase sawn timber from other Slovenian sawmills.

This work has begun with two sawmills and will continue into 2019. BSW SI is looking forward to working with other Slovenian sawmill companies, through trade and cooperation, to support and add value to Slovenian saw products from other mills, as well as its own for the global market.