100th Greentec Cheetah 30 delivered!

On the 3rd August Ufkes Greentec b.v. delivered to Beers & Beers Boomverzorging their 100th Greentec Cheetah 30.

Ufkes Greentec b.v is a young, dynamic company specializing in wood chippers, stump grinders, wood cranes etc. Their machines are designed for professional users and meet the highest standards.

After working for several years in the service of a tree nursery, the brothers Daniël and Frank Beers started the company Beers & Beers Boomverzorging. Beers & Beers is a small and dynamic company that cooperates closely with a number of other professional tree care companies.

As a result, they are virtually always capable of finding a suitable solution in terms of working methods and the use of equipment. They work with certified European Tree Workers (ETW) and tree safety inspectors.