Hardwood mill chooses BioLuma technology

McDowell Lumber, a hardwood producer located at Asheboro, North Carolina, is updating its edger and trimmer optimization systems with BioLuma scanning technology. The edger line will receive a new scanner frame to house the new sensors, while the trimmer line’s scan frame will be modified to accommodate the sensors. This new scanning technology will improve the accuracy and recovery from its edging and trimming processes.

The BioLuma 2900L transverse HD laser profile sensors provide results in 3D modeling using an enhanced image processing application (IPA) that delivers more detail than any other scanning platform on the market today. The BioLuma sensors provide true differential measurements, presenting the highest data accuracy for data collection.

This mill was established in 1974, and today it primarily processes poplar, as well as red and white oak to supply furniture and flooring manufacturers, both domestic and international. The mill also provides pallet stock for its pallet operation on the same site.