Ponsse opened a factory extension

On 24 August 2018, Minister of Industry Mika Lintilä opened a new plant extension at Vieremä. The factory extension marks a significant step in the development and competitiveness of Ponsse’s production.

Factory investment is the largest in Ponsse’s history as production facilities expand from 2.7 hectares to four hectares. Above all, investment means a leap in production technology.

– The new plant enables the development of quality, flexibility, safety and productivity. We are able to react more flexibly to changes in the market situation and to ensure the efficient customer variability of PONSSE forest machines under serial production conditions, says Juho Nummela, CEO of Ponsse Oyj.

Mika Lintilä, the businessman of the factory, announced in a banquet that the extension is an example of a future that has stamped Ponsse throughout its development.

– This will bring Ponsse’s competitiveness back to the next level. The continuous development of processes, the world’s best forest machines and the best quality for the customer, sound like excellent targets. But I am confident that Ponsse’s actual loss based on strong values and fair atmosphere. It always does, Minister Lintilä said.

Intelligent technology transforms warehouse logistics
The new factory also moved to the new intelligent inventory technology, which enables the components to flow smoothly into production lines. At the same time, the productivity of warehouse logistics increased significantly and the manual handling of components decreased. Storage automation includes 15,500 small stock storage sites and 3900 storage spaces.

The construction of the new plant started in late 2016. Brushes were exported in January, while 13,000 were completed. The PONSSE forest machine. All PONSSE forest machines are manufactured at Vierem in the world’s most modern forest machine factory.