Industrial production started at Metsä Wood’s Pärnu birch plant

The birch plywood factory Metsä Wood in Pärnu has been officially launched on August 27, 2018.

“The factory project has made full progress on schedule both in Finland and in Estonia. We are now in an important stage in which we are launching a factory production. Until now, the factory has been producing experimental production, the quality of which we have received excellent feedback. I am glad that we have received in Estonia highly motivated and skilled people to work with us in this demanding project, and now also in the production of the factory “, Metsä Wood’s Senior Vice President  Esa Kaikkonen  says.

There are currently about 65 employees and 10 staff members in Pärnu’s production plant. Production runs in three shifts five days a week. In September, another 12 new employees will be launched. The plywood production plant in Finland will be moved from the Suolahti plywood mill to Pärnu by the end of January, and then the need for labor will increase again by 30 people and the training will continue.

“This year has been a very intense work cycle for Pärnu. In addition to the factory ramp-up, many systems and operating models have been introduced in a very short time. I’m really proud of our highly motivated, skilled and well-trained personnel “, the Pärnu plant director  Kaarel Tali  says.

“A training program for new employees combining theory and practice has proved successful. Security issues are well-received here and we can say that we have been doing the best. There have been no accidents or accidents at the factory, and sickness absences have remained low, “continues Tali.

The veneers used by the Pärnu plant are manufactured in Äänekoski. The new veneer mill is intended to serve Pärnu’s production as efficiently as possible.

The Pärnu birch plywood mill is part of the EUR 100 million investment program implemented by Metsä Wood in 2017-2018, which was published in June 2016. The new plant will create some 200 jobs in Pärnu. Birch veneers are manufactured in Finland and processed into plywood at the Pärnu plant. The annual production capacity of birch plywood at the Pärnu plant is 50,000 cubic meters. The plant will achieve its full production capacity by the end of 2019.