Renholmen gets new owner

Together with the companies ALMAB and Arivislanda, Renholmen AB is part of the ARAT Group. Now ARAT Group has been acquired by Storskogen AB from Provator AB.

“Storskogen invests in companies that are stable and profitable. It gives us great opportunities to continue our journey with development and expansion of the company,” says Renholmen’s CEO Per Jonsson.

“We look forward to continuing to develop our three leading companies in a positive spirit together with Storskogen, which also enables further acquisitions to the group,” says Johan Andersson, CEO of ARAT Group.

ARAT Group delivers high-tech equipment to sawmills and further processing industry. The three companies operate freely and have together a turnover of SEK 300 million and have 100 employees.

Storskogen is an industry and trading group, which today owns 28 Swedish companies with a turnover of just over SEK 4 billion.

Photo: Renholmen’s CEO Per Jonsson.