Austria: Pellets more expensive in January

In January, the consumer prices for wood pellets of quality ENplus A1 in Austria rose relatively sharply. The average price for pellets (delivery quantity 6t) is currently 24.90 cents / kg. This is 1.6% more than in December and 3.3% more than in January 2018.

The highest pellet prices were reported as usual in western Austria, where the average price is 26.77 C / kg . The cheapest are pellets in the north with an average of 24.47 C / kg cents / kg. In the south they cost an average of 24.89 C / kg .

Sack pellets cost on average € 4.18 per 15 kg bag (when ordering by pallet) or 27.88 cents / kg . Their price rose 1.3% from December and 2.7% from January 2018.