Finland: 2018 roundwood trade results

In 2018, the Finnish forest industry enterprises procured 51.4 million m3 of roundwood from non-industrial private forests. The roundwood trade volumes increased by a fifth compared with 2017. Standing timber sales volume came up to 44.7 million m3 (+23% over the previous year), reports Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Roundwood trade was also very active in December 2018, when the Finnish forest industry enterprises harvested 5.2  million m3 roundwood from non-industrial, private forests.

In December 2018, the stumpage prices of roundwood started to decline. The stumpage price level was a little less than 0,5% lower than a month earlier. The stumpage price for pine logs came up to EUR 62.0 per cubic metre, the spruce log price was EUR 65.8 per cubic metre. The stumpage price for pine pulpwood was EUR 18.3 per cubic metre, while the price for spruce pulpwood was EUR 19.4 per cubic metre.

The harvesting method affects the stumpage price paid for roundwood. In December 2018, the price of logs harvested from regeneration fellings was 3% higher than the average stumpage price paid for logs (thinnings 14% below the average price).

In case of pulpwood, the stumpage price differences from the average by felling method were as follows: pulpwood from regeneration fellings +11%, from thinnings –7%, and from first thinnings –28%.

The roadside price for pine pulpwood was  EUR 31.8 per cubic metre. The price for spruce pulpwood was EUR 34.7 per cubic metre and for birch pulpwood 32.3 EUR per cubic metre. The roadside price level fell 1% from the previous month.