SCA Wood France merges with Groupe ISB

SCA Wood France and the French company Innovation Solutions Bois, Groupe ISB, have merged their operations in wood processing and distribution of wood products in France. SCA’s contribution is the company’s operations in wood processing and distribution in Rochefort, France. SCA’s Bonneuil-Matours site will not be part of Groupe ISB, but will be closed after the fire in 2018.

“The French building materials sector is growing and is of great importance to SCA. With the merger we create a large and resourceful supplier serving demanding customers all over France”, says Jerry Larsson, President SCA Wood.

SCA’s contribution amounts to SEK 300 million ($33 million) and contains SCA’s wood operations in France and procurement of shares in ISB. SCA will have a 38.5% share in Groupe ISB and will become the largest shareholder. SCA will not consolidate the company.

Innovation Solutions Bois is France’s largest supplier of wood products to the building materials market.

SCA Wood France supplies more than 100,000 cubic metres of wood products to the French building materials market. The products include wood paneling, flooring, decking and construction timber.