Heinola Sawmill Machinery names Jan Räsänen as Managing Director

Jan Räsänen will be Heinola Sawmill Machinery’s new Managing Director. The current Managing Director, Kari Kiiskinen will continue on the company’s Board of Directors and as an advisor to the management until autumn 2019.

Kari Kiiskinen has worked for Heinola Sawmill Machinery for more than 30 years, the last 10 years of which as Managing Director. He felt the time was right for a controlled change in the company’s operational management.

Jan Räsänen has experience working in the mechanical forest industry, most recently as a plant manager at Metsä Wood. He joined Heinola Sawmill Machinery in 2014, and worked as Head of the Project Department before his post as Managing Director.

Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. is the only supplier in Finland concentrating on development of high-quality drying kiln technology.