Tieto partners with PiiMega in Finland

Tieto is partnering with PiiMega, a leading Finnish sawmill and forestry IT system supplier, to extend usage of Tieto Forest Hub ecosystem service in sawmill industry.

A complex supply chain in a wide forestry ecosystem involves a large number of business transactions between organisations at different points. Tieto Forest Hub service helps wood supply business partners in this ecosystem to improve the efficiency of their wood logistics and mill reception processes.

Tieto Forest Hub improves daily operational planning and follow-up, management of the inventories, and information quality, while also decreasing the amount of manual work and reducing errors.

“Forest Hub provides our customers with productivity benefits and new possibilities for more advanced usage of data and analytics,” says Antti Miettunen, Vice President, Wood and forestry solutions, Chairman, PiiMega.

PiiMega is a software product company located in Oulu, Finland. PiiMega is digitalizing forestry and sawmill industry.

Photo: Antti Miettunen, Chairman, VP Wood Processing Software at PiiMega Oy