JoeScan takes the JS-50 on the road

JoeScan’s latest JS-50 sawmill scanner keeps impressing. After a successful run of spring tradeshows, the Vancouver, Washington based company is preparing for a busy summer of travel with their new device.

“We got a lot of great feedback from mill owners at the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association spring meeting and the Hardwood Manufacturers Association annual conference,” says JoeScan president Joey Nelson. “Sawmills love the idea of having a single scanner model for their entire line. It really simplifies things for management and employees.”

The next big show for JoeScan is LIGNA. In Germany they will be unveiling a new transverse demo of the JS-50.

“People got to see the JS-50 scan logs at TP&EE in Portland last year,” Nelson adds. “We’re already known for lineal and log scanning, so the chance to show off the performance for trimmers and transverse edgers is a great step forward for us. This really is a scanner that can do it all for sawmills.”

“We’ve made it a big priority to get out there and have conversations with the sawmills that are using our products,” Nelson says. “We only make scanners for sawmills, so their input is invaluable to us. It’s these relationships that allow us to generate innovations like the features in the JS-50.”

Stop by and say hello at any of the above shows this year, and you will get the chance to influence the next big sawmill scanning improvement from JoeScan.