NZ – Hunter Harrill leaving for USA role

Dr Hunter Harrill, is leaving University of Canterbury School of Forestry after 8 years to take up a new position at Humboldt State University, USA as Assistant Professor.

Rien Visser, Director of Forest Engineering at UC acknowledged Hunter’s influence saying, “He will be missed, as our students have greatly benefited from Hunters’ knowledge and enthusiasm for all things harvesting and he was well known to many loggers, especially those running cable logging systems.”

“He has carried out many applied research projects around the country as part of the FGR research programme. For example, his knowledge resulted in his running of several cable logging and planning workshops. More recently Hunter provided productivity coaching for Rayonier and Ernslaw One crews,” said Rien.

While his departure will be a great loss for the UC School of Forestry, its an excellent opportunity for Hunter and his wife Katie. They’re heading back to where they both studied, have extended family where he started his career, in the magnificent redwood forests of northern California.

Hunter will be able to make a valuable contribution not only to teaching the next generation of foresters there, but helping their loggers as they start to expand into winch-assist operations. This is already providing some collaboration opportunities between the two regions renowned for cable logging and working on steep slopes.

“We thank Hunter for his major contribution to the both the School of Forestry and our NZ industry and wish him and Katie all the best for the future.”