US pellet exports to UK jump 35.7% in 1q

U.S. increased 35.7% y-o-y pellet exports to UK in first quarter of 2019 to 1.1 million tones with exports value was up 35.3% to $143 million, according to USDA data. The share of UK in U.S. pellet exports expanded 7 pp to 71.3%. Total exports from U.S. soared 22.3% to 5.12 million m3 in the first quarter.

Exports from U.S. to Denmark decreased 15.7% to 198.7 thousand tones with exports value was down 13.1% to $31.2 million and that to Belgium fell 25.2% to 93.3 thousand tones with export value declined 16% to $9 million. The share of Denmark decreased 6 pp to 13.3% and that of Belgium slid 4 pp to 6.2%.

U.S. pellet exports to Netherlands jumped 107% to 60.3 thousand tones and that to Italy soared 317.5% to 46.4 thousand tones.