Softwood Logs China: Taicang port volumes summary

Softwood logs dominate at Taicang port – Log imports through Taicang Port in Jiangsu Province totalled 7.85 million cubic metres in 2018 and were valued at US$1.2 billion.

Of the total, 98% were softwood logs, mainly imported from New Zealand (39%), Canada (19%), USA (13%) and Russia (10%). The main softwood log species were radiata pine (43%), spruce and fir (11.5%), douglas fir (11.4%) and larch (4%).

Russian sawnwood dominates imports at Taicang Port – Sawnwood imports through the port in 2018 amounted to 500,000 cubic metres valued at US$106 million, mainly imported from Russia (89%) and Canada (10%). The main sawnwood species were spruce and fir (58%) and pine (33%).