New LOG MAX 7000XT FIXED HEAD Processor / Harvesters arriving around the world

XTreme series: Log Max XTreme Series Harvesting Heads are heavy duty and made for the most extreme forest operations.

This fixed mount configuration from Log Max utilizes the design and durability of the 7000XT series and gives the owner/operator the versatility of control falling and bunching.

  • The hydraulically operated rotation unit with positioning and free floating function is attached directly to the frame.
  • The frame of Log Max 7000 XT Fixed Head features a top saw, a minimized saw box and a fixed protection plate.
  • The Log Max 7000XT fixed head is a control felling unit designed to help with those tough jobs, such as pipeline operations and right-aways. The 7000XT fixed head allows the operator to control fall, bunch, and process timber up to 710 mm (28”) in diameter with a maximum cutting capacity of 800 mm (31.5”).

Processing key figures:

  • Most productive range : 16 to 50 cm
  • Maximum cutting diameter : 65 cm (80 cm opt.)
  • Minimum delimbing diameter : 4 cm

Optional Equipment’s

Feed Rollers

  • V-Steel:
    By placing the stud bars in angled rows, Log Max has obtained a self cleaning feed roller with very high pulling force both in forward and reverse, without risk of spinning.
  • V-Steel Aggressive;
    The V-steel Aggressive roller has studs that sink deeper in the tree trunk.
  • Eucalyptus
    Log Max Eucalyptus rollers have angled edges for debarking as eucalyptus demands complete debarking when felling.

Optional 60CC Saw Unit:

  • Saw 411XL
    The new 60cc saw is a powerful and adaptable saw unit that combines low weight with high cutting performance.