Logset launches new hybrid harvester

Logset launches a new smaller hybrid harvester – the Logset 8H GTE Hybrid. It is the company´s second hybrid harvester model. The new hybrid harvester model has an AGCO Power 74 LFTN diesel engine that conforms to Stage 5 EU emission regulations.

The hybrid system’s two main parts are the electric motor and the super capacitators used as energy storage. The hybrid system provides up to 100 kW of additional power. The hybrid harvester reaches higher productivity through a faster torque response, which allows the machine to easily perform several tasks at the same time. The engine load is kept constant, which reduces emissions per felled cubic meter.

“This hybrid model is suitable for several market areas, and it can be equipped with a Logset TH65 or TH75 harvester head. The machine has lower operating costs compared to a regular harvester, which is one the main benefits of the hybrid technology. The fuel saving can be up to 30%. Hybrid technology is clearly an important part of the future of sustainable forestry,” says Vice President of Sales Pascal Réty.

Logset Oy is a Finnish forest machine manufacturer located in Koivulahti, near Vaasa.