UK increases 32.4% pellet imports in January-April 2019

From January through April, UK pellet imports surged 32.4% to 2.7 million tones, import value jumped 35.8% to €436.0 million, according to Eurostat. Imports to UK from U.S. expanded 10.0% to 1.5 million tones, imports from Canada increased 23.3% to 509.5 thousand tones, imports from Latvia jumped 342.6% to 331.9 thousand tones and that from Estonia soared 554.3% to 102.2 thousand tones. Total pellet imports to UK expanded 32.4% to 2.7 million tones, with import value rocketed 35.8% to €435.0 million.

Denmark’s pellet imports fell 33.6% to 1.1 million tones, average price of pellets exported to Denmark jumped 13.5% to €154 per ton. Italy decreased 22.9% pellet imports to 414,6 thousand tones with import value declined 26.0% to €82.0 million.

In first four months 2019, pellet exports from U.S., the biggest supplier of pellets to EU, slid 2.99% y-o-y to 2.0 million tones with export value was up 2.3% to €330.8 million. Canada’s pellet exports to EU declined 11.7% to 527.6 thousand tones with export value dropped 7.36% to €80.9 million. Pellet exports from Russia surged 22.7% to 487.6 thousand tones, export value jumped 35.8% to €73.3 million.

Total pellet imports to EU slid 3.38% to 5.4 million tones, average price for pellets imported to EU  dropped 7.59% to €166 per ton