Derome Sweden acquires Woody Anderstorp

Derome, Sweden’s largest family-owned timber company, has acquired wood trading company Woody Anderstorp, Derome has announced.

“Anderstorp and its environs is a viable and expansive market which is interesting to us. We are already a major supplier of roof trusses in the region and buy forest raw material from here to our sawmill in Kinnared,” said Johan Winroth, CEO of Derome.

Per Enocson and Victor Svensson, who have been developing and operating Woody Anderstorp since 2012, look forward to running the business under Derome’s management.

“This is positive for our employees and customers. Victor Svensson and me look forward to becoming part of Derome. They have the industry’s best customer concept and logistics, which now benefits the customers,” said Per Enocson.

Photo: Johan Winroth, CEO of Derome.