The new FAE MTH and MTH/HP are here: attachments for 300–500 hp tractors

The famous Multitask machine MTH from FAE Group celebrates its tenth anniversary, looking towards the future. The restyled version is now on the market, also available in the HP (High Power) model. This top-of-the-range release is designed to work with powerful latest-generation tractors from 300 to 500 horse power.

The key feature of the FAE Multitask range is versatility. Various land clearing tasks can be performed with a single attachment: breaking down stones and crushing rock with a maximum operating depth of 50 cm, with excellent results across the board.

The MTH model represents the peak of excellence in the FAE range in terms of technology and productivity. This new model features a next-generation frame and a series of technical innovations that improve the model’s performance. Let’s have a look.

Revolutionary “variable displacement chamber” and new kinematics
The star feature of the Multitask range is the “variable displacement chamber”, introduced in 2009 and still at the cutting edge. This system enables ground penetration with just the rotor, as it may be adjusted from the tractor cab. The volume of the crushing chamber, where the earth is blended, is variable, meaning the deeper the work, the larger the volume of the chamber. Compared with machines that sink into the ground with their frame, the variable displacement chamber reduces traction forces, lowers fuel consumption, speeds up operations, and saves time.

The new MTH and MTH/HP feature perfected “variable displacement chamber” with exclusive kinematics. This mechanical system guarantees perfect synchronization of vertical rotor movement through the action of two piston rods. The resulting operation is optimized and uniform across the entire work area.

It is also possible to control the particle size of material processed by adjusting the grill on the rear hood and the Hardox® counter blade located inside the crushing chamber. This allows fine or coarse material to be obtained according to individual requirements or specifications set by project management.

MTH/HP: greater power and greater performance on challenging terrain
The MTH/HP (High Power) model features a transmission designed for tractors up to 500 horse power, with a strengthened central gearbox, thicker shafts, and parallel axis reduction gears capable of transferring greater torque and power to the rotor.

Additionally, for optimal management of the power surplus required by the HP Version, new cooling systems have been installed for the central gearbox and parallel axis reduction gears: this prevents transmission oil from overheating, guaranteeing optimum performance, as well as longer lasting components.

Because of its compatibility with very powerful tractors, the MTH/HP is a perfect partner for challenging terrain and is available in the following models: – MTH/HP 225 (max. operating width: 2,320 mm, total width: 2,901 mm) – MTH/HP 250 (max. operating width: 2,560 mm, total width: 3,141 mm).

FAE rotors and patented tools
Two kind of rotors are available for the new MTH and MTH/HP: they provide maximum machine customization and optimal performance in all working conditions. The forged-steel tool holders are attached to the rotor with a robotic welding process and can hold multiple types of high-quality tools designed for different needs. All FAE tools are manufactured in steel with tungsten-carbide tips, that offers exceptional durability.

The exceptional construction quality of the MTH model can also be seen in the finishes and materials used, such as high-resistance Hardox® for the counter blades and the bolt-on internal plates of the crushing chamber (easily replaceable without dismantling the rotor).

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