Aratu Forests Limited launches new brand

Aratu Forests Limited launches new brand
Aratu Forests Limited, one of the largest forestry estates in the Gisborne District, launched its new brand in Gisborne yesterday. The company is a significant contributor to the regional economy, managing around 27,000 hectares of radiata pine plantation on 35,000 hectares of land, and the new brand is a key part of its future strategy and direction.

Aratu Forests Limited CEO Ian Brown said that the company’s philosophy, mission and core values are fully embedded in the new brand.

“In launching Aratu Forests Limited, we have taken the opportunity to move to a brand that speaks to our pathway to long-term sustainability,” Mr Brown said.

“Our brand demonstrates the important role that Aratu Forests Limited plays in the Gisborne economy and community and more broadly in New Zealand’s economic growth and development.

“That’s also reflected in our new name – Aratu – which is a combination of the two Māori words ‘ara’ which means path and ‘tu’ which means to stand. The name was developed to reflect the path we are on to pursue active improvement and manage for the long term, and the stand we are taking to protect and invest in our people, and act in an open and honest manner.

“Our mission is to be recognised as the most responsible, effective and efficient forest manager on the East Coast. This is underpinned by our values, informing everything we do.

“The new brand reflects not only the importance of our local heritage, but our contribution and our commitment to the communities where we operate. Our mission and values emphasise what people inside and outside our organisation can and should expect of us as we strive for excellence.

“As society changes, we fundamentally believe it is up to us to make the case – more confidently and effectively – for the positive role that well-run and responsible forest companies, just like Aratu Forests Limited, play in today’s society.”

The new brand of the business was formally launched in Gisborne at a function on Thursday night.

Key elements such as mission and vision, logo and philosophy as well as the company’s strategy can be found on the company’s website

About Aratu Forests Limited
Aratu Forests Limited is a 35,000-hectare plantation forestry asset and management company located in Gisborne, New Zealand. The company plants over 1 million trees each year and has an annual harvest of around 700,000 tonnes. With 32 permanent staff, the company supports over 200 contracted workers providing inventory, silviculture, roading, harvesting, haulage and log marshalling services. Aratu Forests Limited was acquired by New Forests, an Australian-based, international and sustainable forestry investment manager, on behalf of its institutional investment clients in July 2019.

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