Renholmen receives large orders from Nordic countries

In recent weeks, Renholmen AB made three major business agreements with a total order value of around SEK 135 million. Timber handling equipment will be delivered to sawmills in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

“It’s great that we’ve gained this trust from both new and old customers. The deals are a good acknowledgment that we have products and a well-functioning organization that meet the markets high demands”, says Per Jonsson, CEO of Renholmen AB.

New customer in Finland
Renholmen has been given the confidence to deliver a comprehensive upgrade of a green sorting plant to a new customer in Finland. For example, Renholmen will deliver the new fully electric high capacity machines Electro Positioner, Trimmer ElectroSinus and Flexicut. A new large bin section is also included in the upgrade.

The delivery also involves a rebuilding of the intake so that timber can be received in the new green sorting line alternatively to one of the two existing lines. The upgrade includes camera sys-tems along with Renholmen’s new control system with built-in security solution.

Green sorting line to Norway
Bergene Holm Nidarå in southern Norway has ordered a modern and powerful green sorting line with a Sticker Stacker that match the saw line.

Bergene Holm has 5 sawmills and 3 planing mills in Norway, and the plant at Nidarå is the largest with a modern saw line from 2013. When it was built, the existing green sorting and sticker stacker, which is now to be replaced, was retained.

In order to get the full effect of the saw line, a large investment is now being made in the green sorting line, which will contain a powerful intake including Trimmer Triax and 45 bins with push chains. The sticker stacker is also added with an automatic forklift sticker placer.

Previously, Renholmen has delivered equipment to Bergene Holm’s sawmill in Kirkenaer.

Upgrade of dry sorting in Sweden
Höglandssågen AB has production in three places and now an upgrade of the capacity in Domsjö’s dry sorting is being implemented. Two years ago, a brand new saw line was built in their main plant, Anundsjö. At the same time, Renholmen upgraded their green sorting and sticker stacker.

The sticker stacked wood packages are driven by truck from Anundsjö to Domsjö for grading. For the dry sorting plant to keep pace with the new saw, the capacity in Domsjö must be upgraded. Therefore, Renholmen will rebuild the dry sorting with, for example, a new camera sorting and im-proved intake. In order to pack the timber efficiently and quickly, Renholmen delivers a brand new Triple Stacker.

“In these deliveries we find our well tested solutions together with further developed market-unique products, which has given us a tremendous response from the market”, says Bernt-Ove Anders-son, Marketing Manager at Renholmen AB.

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