Dempsey automates bucking line with optimization and controls from USNR

Dempsey Wood Products at Orangeburg, SC has ordered optimization and controls to automate its bucking line. The mill has been investing to update its operation for several years, and now needs to increase log input to its sawmill – which this project will accomplish.

Dempsey’s bucking line has been a manual system, which is slower and far less precise than an optimized one. The new optimization and controls systems will automate the line, resulting in much improved throughput as well as far higher recovery from each log.

The new bucking system will be configured with 3 scan zones to accommodate the short infeed to the bucking saws, and utilize USNR’s BioLuma lineal laser profile technology to generate the bucking solution. The system will include the MillTrak 3D log gap control system which will monitor and control the gap between pieces to ensure smooth flow and maximize throughput.

The installation is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020, with full production before the end of the year.