USNR splined-sleeve arbors extend service life,
reduce maintenance

USNR splined-sleeves extend the life of saw arbors for gangs and edgers, and maintain saw accuracy so your operation can produce high quality lumber day after day. They limit the wear to the sleeves – not the arbor itself. Using spacers to periodically adjust the position of the saws on the splines prevents deep ruts from forming. That means you get a better fit between the arbor and the blade. And when it is time to replace the sleeves, you simply slip them off and put new ones on: the arbor itself doesn’t need to be replaced!

USNR splined sleeve arbor systems work just as well as solid arbors for shifting
or stationary saws, and are much easier to maintain. Our arbor systems are full of
features and benefits to make sure this is the case:

  • Replaces a solid arbor with an arbor with replaceable splined sleeves
  • Fast payback: a sleeve system can typically pay for itself by the time a solid arbor is replaced for the first time
  • Dowel pins between sleeves insure perfect spline alignment across sleeves so shifting saws can slide smoothly from one to the other
  • Sleeves are machined from high-strength 52100 ball-bearing steel and surfaces are induction hardened to 60-64 RC for wear resistance
  • Custom-designed to your specifications for both gangs and edgers
  • Sleeves available with Involute or Retech-type splines
  • Minimal disruption: the entire upgrade can be completed in one day

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