Segezha Group restores forest resources in Kirov Oblast

In 2020 Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) will spend around RUB 10.5 million on restoration of forest crops in Kirov Oblast. Employees of Vyatsky Plywood Mill, the holding’s asset, will plant about 775.5 thousands of fir and pine seedlings from the local forest nurseries across the area of 258.5 hectares. Other activities are scheduled to ensure natural restoration of forests, particularly to preserve the undergrowth and soil surface mineralization across the area of 1,450.8 hectares.

“Despite the current difficulties due to combatting the coronavirus infection, the annual activities will be performed as scheduled,” assures Andrey Sharov, Director for Forest Management and Certification of Vyatsky Plywood Mill Branch for Forest Resources. “Compensatory forest planting will be performed in all felled areas within one or two years after completion of timber logging and hauling.”

All logging enterprises have approved lists of forest areas subject to protection. Priority areas are water conservation districts, prohibition belts, designated areas, forest territories with high biodiversity, as well as areas of special significance for local communities – habitats of porcini mushrooms and berries, and wood grouse mating places. The company’s logging equipment operators are instructed to leave valuable trees and trunks with caves and nests intact. Each stage of forest management takes into account the variations in wild forest animals’ habitats, state of soils and water resources. Presence of landscapes vulnerable to human impact is also considered. Segezha Group conducts no production activities in the aforementioned areas.

The mill’s logging works are performed within the scope of a priority investment project for forest development (Order of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 4313 dd. 11/12/2017). All necessary international certificates for forest areas management are available. Segezha Group has adopted a Policy for responsible forest management and supply mandatory for all its employees. The company draws on the principle of conducting forest restoration works in the territories whose size is commensurate to logging areas. Planting and sowing new trees are scheduled for the period from May to October. Forest renewal will take place without damage to the young stock and undergrowth remaining after felling.

“The company continues its systematic efforts for restoration of target coniferous species from high quality planting material. In order to grow new, strong and resilient trees in place of the felled ones, consistent and meticulous field work is necessary,” says Vyatsky Plywood Mill Executive Director Alexey Stepanov.

In 2019, forest restoration works in all Segezha Group regions of presence required an expenditure of RUB 97 million. The forest has been restored across the area of 26 thousand hectares, an expansion by 13.5% against the previous year.