Gruen-Wald Laminates orders RF fingerjoint tunnel

Gruen-Wald Laminates is investing in a new radio frequency (RF) generator and 24′ long curing tunnel for its fingerjoint line at its plant in Tea, SD. This is the second tunnel at the plant, and the new equipment will provide increased capacity. The equipment is scheduled to be installed in Q3 of this year.

Gruen-Wald produces engineered building components for many industries including residential, commercial, and civil construction, production and storage facilities for farming, etc.

USNR is a leading supplier of systems for the manufacture of engineered wood products using RF gluing technology, dating back several decades. The RF generator produces radio waves used to create a field with alternating polarity, through which the wood and glue pass. Glue molecules are alternately attracted to one electrode or the other and become heated by the friction generated by this molecular agitation.

Thermosetting glues become cured within seconds of reaching the elevated temperature, so glued joints can be handled in minutes instead of hours or days. Another advantage is the glue begins curing throughout the joint instead of working in from the outside surfaces. For dimensional lumber sizes, hot oil or steam-heated platens would take much longer for the heat to get to the middle of the joint.

This equipment complements USNR’s other product lines for mass timber, panel press, and other engineered wood processing systems.