Segezha Group buys new timber carriers and Off-Road Vehicles for Vologda loggers

In Q1 2020, Vologda loggers of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) purchased 11 new timber carriers equipped with trailers and manipulators, as well as 22 all-terrain vehicles. The total investment amounted to around RUB 300 million.

“State-of-the-art SCANIA, MAN and Volvo timber carriers will guarantee handling of the scheduled timber hauling volumes,” says Kipelovo LCS JSC Executive Director Fedor Potapenko. “The new vehicles will be operated by our best employees. We believe that their proficiency, advanced machinery and smooth business processes will help improve the company’s performance.”

The new vehicles are expected to reduce the cost of logging and reliance on the wood hauling contractors. For instance, МАN timber carriers have completely substituted the services of contractor companies in Kharovsky area. Volvo short log trucks have increased in-house transportation volume from 70 to 85% in Kovzhinsky area.

Another important task is to procure feedstock for CLT panels manufacturing at the new enterprise, Sokol CLT LLC. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade included construction of the plant in the list of priority investment projects for forest development. The controlled felling rate allotted for the project amounts to 618 thousand cubic meters per year. Starting from Q3 this year, logging at the allotted forest areas will be managed by Kipelovo LCS. For that purpose, a new branch, Vostok, has been established within the logging enterprise.

“The new all-terrain vehicles have been purchased on time to perform field research of the forest resources, demarcation of timber cutting areas, and road construction planning,” comments Andrey Nazarov, Head of Vostok production branch of Kipelovo LCS JSC. “We are working on schedule which is very tight.”