USNR’s vision scanning numbers continue to grow in a wide range of species

USNR recently installed and started up new vision scanning systems on the edger and trimmer at Waipapa Pine in New Zealand. These systems are the 27th and 28th vision scanning systems that USNR has installed in mills processing Radiata Pine, and adds to the 170+ vision scanning systems sold globally.

“The results we have seen are outstanding, across all key measures within the business. Raw log input costs have reduced, and overall value return has been improved. This investment will provide us the opportunity to maximize efficiencies across our complete processing footprint, and better manage any changing landscape we have in front of us.” 

– Grant Arnold, Director at Waipapa Pine

USNR has experience with a very wide range of wood species, for all of our vision scanning systems. These species include Spruce, Pine, Fir, Hemlock, Cedar, Oak, Maple, Aspen, Eucalyptus, and many more. 

Read all about the Waipapa Pine as well as a Quebec hardwood vision scanning installation in the next issue of USNR’s MillWide Insider.