Komatsu 911 – Nine new harvesters to Belarus

Thanks to the efforts of SpektrTrading, the Belarus dealer for Komatsu forest machines, Komatsu Forest is to deliver nine Komatsu 911 harvesters to companies at the Ministry of Forestry in Belarus.

The Komatsu 911 harvester is an agile machine that can be used in different conditions. Especially when it is equipped with the Komatsu C124 harvester head, that has 4 feed rollers for high feeding force and quite impressive working range from 50 to 480 mm DBH.

“911/4WD equipped with C124 is a powerful machine in a relatively small “package” which gives the owner a good opportunity to have a profitable machine. Operator comfort is a key to have the highest possible production and with the Komatsu concept we can guarantee that operators have the best possibility to achieve good production figures”, says Tobias Ettemo, Komatsu Forest Product Manager.

SpektrTrading has been a distributor of Komatsu CIS, LLC for Komatsu forest machines since 2011 and during this time the Belarus customers have got nearly 100 Komatsu and Valmet units. Much of it thanks to the reliable support and good cooperation with SpektrTrading.

“To deliver nine harvesters to different logging companies in various locations means that we must plan service and maintenance well and train the operators both in theory and practice, as Komatsu equipment is really advanced. With the help of Komatsu CIS, we recently delivered a new simulator to Belarus Technical University and this is a good support to train the operators”, says Alexander Gursky, SpektrTrading.

“10 years ago, I got a Valmet 901.4 with a 350.1 head to our company. I am very happy that after a decade I will get an absolutely new machine with even bigger productivity and a larger harvester head”, says chief mechanic of Slonim Leshoz, Mr. Dmitry Rubets. The contract for nine units is further proof that Komatsu has a strong and trustworthy position in the Belarus market to provide forest machines and all-around services.

Photo: The picture shows Alexander Gursky (to the left) handing over one of the machines in Belarus to Dmitry Rubets

Tobias Ettemo, Komatsu Forest Product Manager.