Reliable Komatsu S132 in a new version

The 2021 version of the Komatsu S132 introduces a number of functions and improvements that make an already well-adapted harvester head even more versatile and suited to demanding logging assignments. The reliable and service-friendly design has been updated with new features such as Constant Cut as standard, improved length measuring and a reinforced frame.

Together with the twin feed rollers, the sturdy build makes the Komatsu S132 a highly reliable head, with the frame now reinforced exactly where needed, such as around the vertical knife and the end stops for the wheel arms.

With Constant Cut as standard, the Komatsu S132 delivers a steady maximum chain speed of 40 m/s. The saw unit design ensures that the saw motor does not run too fast while reducing the risk of cutting cracks and thereby increasing productivity.

To ensure the best possible measurement accuracy, the length measuring function has been improved and reinforced. The measuring wheel cylinder, the hydraulics and the measuring wheel arm and its mount have been updated, and the head also boasts a brand-new measuring wheel unit, complete with a larger measuring wheel.
“These changes enable the measuring wheel to better follow the contours of the stem, thereby providing even better measurement accuracy,” explains Tobias Ettemo, product manager at Komatsu Forest.

The Komatsu S132 has a brand-new rotator that has been redesigned to meet market demand for functionality, performance and service life. What’s more, the head has a larger tilt angle. The generous 133-degree angle affords the head greater manoeuvrability while reducing loads when working in steep terrain.

The head has smart hose routing and protected head components and is very service-friendly, with easy access to service points, the valve assembly and other important parts. The colour marking tank has an improved design for easier filling while its hose routing has been moved to the inside of the frame to avoid unnecessary wear.

One new option for the Komatsu S132 is the Find End Laser, a function that resets the length measurement without the need for a new cut. This maximises timber length and increases production capacity. Further to this, the head now has several options that enable it to be mounted on an excavator, such as a choice of two different felling links and a reinforced base plate.

“Together, this all makes the Komatsu S132 a productive and reliable head suited to all kinds of forests,” Ettemo concludes.