Sveaskog’s initiative in corona times

The corona pandemic affects the whole society and our ambition has always been to take responsibility and create security in this difficult time. I feel proud that we have taken many initiatives to support and secure everyday life for all our employees, entrepreneurs and customers, says Hannele Arvonen, CEO of Sveaskog.

Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forest owner with just over 800 employees, 300 contractors and just over 40 offices across the country. The corona pandemic affects the whole world and also us. We have therefore carried out a number of initiatives for our own staff, customers, contractors and those who operate on our land, such as hunters, fishermen and nature tourism companies.

Below is a selection of the initiatives that the company has implemented so far:


A rapid change in Sveaskog’s timber production has meant that sawmills in northern Sweden did not have to lay off during the pandemic. By focusing on Asia, sawmills continue to export. When Europe closed down in the spring, Sveaskog’s sawmill customers had major concerns.
– Our customers have a very large share of their exports exposed globally, but the competition is extreme, says Erik Levén, customer manager at Sveaskog.

Asia was ahead of Europe in the progress of the pandemic and had begun to reopen, so the sawmills focused their focus there.
– Different parts of the world have different needs. In consultation with the sawmills, we changed how we cut timber to suit Asia. Lengths and dimensions of the wood have been specified and adapted, Erik Levén explains.

– We have previously discussed a similar flexibility when we are going to produce, but with the corona pandemic we had to switch quickly out in the woods so that customers could deliver their products. The way of thinking has taken hold and now we are on the cutting edge and checking which markets are doing well for our customers and how we should act to help them, Erik Léven continues.


Sveaskog developed a support package that creates the conditions for survival and management of the Corona pandemic for the company’s contractors in felling, forest management and transport. The “Sveaskog package” has provided support to our important forest and transport contractors.

– In the current situation, it is especially important that contractors receive support in financial and personnel matters. We have therefore offered shortened payment times on invoices temporarily and offered our contractors the opportunity to use our channels for recruitment, says Mats Oja, Purchasing Manager at Sveaskog.

Tourism and hospitality industry

The new situation has also hit the tourism and hospitality industry hard. Therefore, the contractors who rent buildings from Sveaskog, during the spring and summer, have been given three months rent-free.

– The hospitality industry is important for Sweden and our local entrepreneurs that we work with have a very tough period now. We want to help as best we can so that our tourism entrepreneurs will remain when the situation turns around, says Ola Söderdahl, head of marketing communications at Sveaskog.

Staff and security

Since mid-March, all employees who have the opportunity have been encouraged to work from home. The company has also reduced travel and for the most part refrains from all physical internal and external meetings in favor of digital meetings instead.

– In these times, it is important to be sensitive to both emotions and practical help, we should and we want to take responsibility, says Fredrik Bergström, HR partner at Sveaskog.

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