Harrigan Lumber invests in new USNR trimmer line

Harrigan Lumber in Monroeville, AL is investing in a sawmill trimmer line to ramp up its production. Harrigan’s operation is a dimensional lumber mill, and the new trimmer line is designed to operate at 150 lugs per minute. This investment follows the installation of a USNR Transverse High Grader (THG) in 2020.

The new trimmer line includes a double trimmer unscrambler, ElectraTong Lug Loader with backlog controlled by the MillTrak lumber flow management system, Multi-Track FenceClamshell style Lineshaft Trimmer, Dual Articulating Smart Gate, 62-bin Pusher Lug SorterWinTally sorter management system, and Stick-N-Fork Stacker system.

This line is scheduled to be installed in Q4 2021.