Derome increases capacity with two Valutec lumber kilns

There is high pressure on the world’s lumber markets and growth continues to look strong. To meet the growing needs, the wood industry company Derome is investing EUR 29,6 million to increase production capacity. The first step in the investment program consists of two Valutec lumber kilns.

“The new drying plant is the first step in a program where we will eventually increase our production to over 500,000 cubic meters (211 890 MBF) per year in Derome. Our customers and their businesses are growing and we are now making major investments to secure access to lumber in the coming years. It benefits customers while ensuring the long-term jobs for our employees in Derome,” says Gunnar Jakobsson, CEO Derome.

“It feels fun, exciting and interesting to be part of Derome’s venture. Derome is an enthusiastic customer with an aggressive plan for the future and I look forward to continued good cooperation,” says Joakim Berglund, sales representative at Valutec.

The lumber kilns that Derome is investing in are duct dryers of type FB. They are built in stainless steel and have an annual capacity of approximately 110,000 cubic metres (46 400MBF)/dryer. The continuous kilns, which are made of stainless steel, will be equipped with pressure frames for minimal deformation of the top lumber layers, as well as Valutec’s heat recovery system. The delivery also includes the 4.0 Valmatic control system.

“We have good experience of previous collaborations with Valutec. This, of course, played a part when evaluating and choosing a drying supplier,” says Per Andersson, Development Manager Derome.

Upgrading drying control throughout the Group
In connection with the investment, Derome is upgrading all lumber drying control systems to Valmatic’s 4.0. In total, there are 21 control systems. Valmatics 4.0 is the only control system to combine simulator technology with adaptive control, enabling the simultaneous optimization of capacity, quality and energy consumption.

The installation of the new kilns and the upgrade of the control systems will begin in the autumn.

“It’s an honor to continue deliveries to Derome. I see this as a great testimonial to our collaboration and we’re looking forward to getting started on this project,” says Robert Larsson CEO, Valutec.

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Per Andersson, Development Manager
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