Hultdins – 90 Years of Experience

Since 1928, the forest has been central to Hultdins, and from those early days there has been refinement work that is constantly present and permeates their business. For more than 90 years, they have developed forestry products for the whole world. To constantly develop both the company and the products is part of Hultdins DNA. Therefore, they challenge the market and themselves to continuously improve their products that make it easier for contractors to work smarter and not harder.

Tobias Åman

Hultdins recently appointed CEO, Mr Tobias Åman, with many years of experience in the industry says. “- I am honoured to take over as CEO and to be given the opportunity to lead a company with such a strong brand, expertise and innovative power. I look forward to, together with both employees and customers, take the next step in the company’s development and to continue creating innovative and sustainable solutions for efficient forestry.”

Hultdins headquarter is in Malå in northern Sweden, where the counties of Västerbotten and Lapland meet. This is also where they have their manufacturing plant with a machine line-up of highest international standard.

NC-controlled edge presses and milling machines, as well as welding robots and painting facility. Brantford, Canada, is home to their wholly owned sales company Hultdins Inc.

Today Hultdins product program include SuperCut saw units, SuperGrip log grapples, MultiGrip multiuse grapples, SuperGrip RG purpose-built rail industry grapple, SuperSaw attachments and hydraulic damping systems- HDS.

Supercut 100s

Supercut 100S

“Every other tree in the world is harvested with a Hultdins SuperCut – and that says a lot about the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Our goal is to make your work as painless as possible.” Anders Strömberg, Hultdins sales department.

Hultdins SuperGrip forestry grapples are the industry standard on forwarders, and commonly used also on timber trucks. They are divided in to three series of grapples to meet different market demands around the world.

Hultdins MultiGrip, multi-use grapples are for fixed mount use on excavator-based machines. They incorporate over 50 years of experience from Hultdins log grapple designs. The MG grapples are offered in configurations with Indexator XR rotators and all tiltrotator brands and coupler types.

“Today we have a SuperSaw family of several different models. There are saw units available with .404” or 3/4″ saw chain and optional saw bar lengths. Saw motor sizes from 10cc to 40cc. So, I would say that we have an alternative for every need of cutting logs or bundles of logs as well as biomass. The tree care industry is also a growing market for our lightest saws”, explains Jörgen Hultdin.


SuperSaw 555S

Hultdins damping system (HDS) enables you to work faster and improves the machine’s service life – as well as your health. Hydraulic oil is an excellent means to use in cylinders to transfer force because it is so incompressible. But this incompressibility also means that it transmits vibrations and jolts that fatigue both the machine and the operator. The dampers from Hultdins reduce these undesirable forces without decreasing the machine’s performance, on the contrary the productivity increases.

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